Adjustable Hidden Brackets 140mm x 12mm

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Cliff Hanger Adjustable Hidden Brackets 140mm x 12mm diameter. Sold as each

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  • The Adjustable Hidden Brackets are mounted on the wall and the shelf inserted over the brackets.
  • Made from carbon steel and painted black
  • Size: Wall backing plate 76mm x 20mm. Rod 125mm long X 12mm diameter. Total length including wall backing plate is 138mm
  • Suitable for timber 20mm to 60mm thick. Not suitable for timber less than 18mm thick.
  • Attach directly to timber of masonry
  • Height adjustable via slots against wall
  • Angle adjustment via screws on backing plate
  • In the shelf edge to be placed against the wall, carefully drill holes into the timber using a 12mm drill bit. Make sure the holes are correctly spaced to match the bracket positions on the wall.
  • Mount the brackets on the wall in the correct place to match the holes in the shelf. At least 2 brackets and no more than 500mm between brackets
  • For gib board or hollow walls, we recommend locating the brackets over wooden studs. We recommend the gib board is removed allowing the bracket to fit tightly onto the timber. This will help mitigate sagging.
  • Temporarily insert the shelf to check for level. The brackets can be adjusted to assist proper fitting.
  • Once adjusted, the timber shelf can be slotted into  position
  • Medium Duty Only. When properly installed, the load capacity can be up to 20kg per pair
  • Hollow wall anchors should be used if fitting to gib or hollow cavity walls available here. Minimum of 2 are required per bracket.
  • The load capacity of the bracket is only as strong as the strength of the wall sheeting and the depth of the shelf. The further the shelf extends out from the wall, the less load the shelf can sustain. A correctly installed bracket should have no movement between the wall and the bracket base plate when weight is applied to the rod.



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