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Cliff Hanger Shelving is a system of supporting shelves that was designed and patented in Europe some 30 years ago when it was introduced to New Zealand.

The product has since been refined with new sizes and products and local raw materials being adapted for the New Zealand DIY and construction markets.

The business operates from its assembly and facility in Rosedale, Auckland and examples of products can be viewed in the small display area during weekday business hours.

The uniqueness of the Cliff Hanger brackets sets them apart in the market and no other floating shelf support system comes close to the load that shelves made with their brackets can support.

What are floating shelves?

Floating shelves are wall shelves that don’t use traditional brackets to hold them up. Instead we provide Cliff Hanger Wall Mounts that are an integral part of the shelf and are almost unseen.

Cliff Hanger floating wall mounts are a unique extruded aluminium strip that is attached to the wall and the wood or glass is snuggly slotted into the strip. They are strong and allow uniform support along the entire shelf. Supporting brackets are not needed.

Cliff Hanger Floating Timber Shelves are popular in the home, office and workplace when creating stylish and functional shelves.

Cliff Hanger Floating Glass Shelves provide a practical, yet attractive option for any wall shelving.

Also available are hidden brackets which consist of a wall mounted plate and a metal rod at 90 degrees that is inserted into the shelf, supporting the weight at that point. Several hidden brackets are usually needed to support the shelf. The great feature of hidden brackets is they are completely hidden and can’t be seen once installed. Since the hidden bracket only supports the shelf at the point of attachment, they do not prevent sagging between brackets.

Cliff Hanger Floating brackets are also known as cantilever brackets, suspended shelves, and secret brackets

Absolutely LOVE the shelves! Thank you so much!!!

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Five Reasons to use CliffHANGER Shelving

  • Easy to install – One easy-to-fit Bracket that screws on to the wall
  • Super Strong – Timber holds up to 100kg – Clean, simple design & structure
  • No Sagging – Supported right along the shelf length
  • Great Design – No ugly uprights or brackets – Floating shelving systems
  • 100% New Zealand Made – 100% made in New Zealand from quality materials

We supply to commercial and retail customers. Orders from the public are welcome.

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