LED Installation

Install wall mount following the instructions for 6mm or 16mm brackets.

  1. Run cables to the bracket location. Either on top of the wall or inside the wall which is preferred. Allowing the cable to exit the wall on the side you are going to place the LED plug
  2. Once the bracket is installed as the instructions above
  3. Remove an end cap
  4. Remove the rubber sleeve
  5. Attach the Plug to the Led strip on the end your cables are going to be
  6. Peal the backing tape off the LED strip
  7. Fix the LED strip into the rear of the 6mm bracket
  8. Making sure the LED sits flat on the back panel
  9. Make sure the LED strip sits inside the bracket allowing the plug to extend behind the

    end cap. If needed make an indentation in the wall allowing the LED to sit flat

  10. Make sure the end cap can still be attached
  11. Place the Rubber in the strip as in wall mount instructions
  12. Plug the LEDs in and make sure they work
  13. Then install your glass shelf as per the instructions making sure the LEDs are not damaged in the process.

Cliff Hanger Shelving Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by installation and use of this product.

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