Frequently Asked Questions

Typically orders for timber or glass shelves made to your specified size take 7 to 10 days to supply.

Sometimes black or off-white timber shelves can take longer depending on the availability of the timber.

Wall mount brackets can take 3-5 days to supply.

We supply Cliff Hanger wall mount brackets without shelves and can cut to the length you want, up to 2.8 meters long. The lead time is 3-5 days. View available brackets.

The wall mount brackets are screwed to the wall, through the back of the bracket. The screws become hidden once the shelf has been slotted in. We recommend, where possible, the brackets be screwed to wall studs in at least one place.

If attaching to Gib board only, or there is no stud behind the Gib board, we recommend using metal Drywall Anchors  or toggle bolts.

The brackets are supplied with screw holes and additional holes can be drilled as required to match wall studs or other substrates.

Use a 4 mm drill bit.

Installation instructions are available here.

We may be able to change the size of your order if manufacturing has not started. Once your order has been cut, it’s not too late to change the size.

Please contact us immediately to see if a change can be made. If it’s too late, we are unable to make any changes.

We do not take back for credit any shelves, cabinets, brackets or any other product manufactured to your specified measurements which you made via a website order entry or by email or by phone call.

We do not take back products made to your specification that you no longer require or products ordered incorrectly.

We do not have to provide a refund if you change your mind.

We may (at our discretion) accept the goods for credit but this will incur a re-stock fee of 50% of the value of the return goods plus any freight.

We can send you a small wall mount bracket sample for your evaluation. There is a handling charge of $10.00 to do this. Please send an email requesting the colour you require.

Our factory and assembly warehouse is in Rosedale Auckland is our only branch in New Zealand.

Some Placemaker stores and some Mitre 10 stores stock Cliff Hanger brackets or can order from us.

We manufacture and ship nationwide from our Rosedale premises. Simple order online or send an email.

Currently there is no showroom for Cliff Hanger products

We don’t provide an installation service. Instead we recommend using The Hangman or Hire a Hubby services.

Shelves can be removed and refitted into the Cliff Hanger wall mount brackets after they have been installed.

Because they timber or glass panels fit snuggly into the bracket, some effort is required to remove them.

Brackets can be unscrewed from the wall and re-used elsewhere if required.

Profile dimensions of the 16mm Wall Mounting Bracket for timber shelves are:

The edge facing the wall is 70mm deep; the bracket top lip protrudes 15mm from the wall; and the bottom ledge protrudes 40mm from the wall.

Profile dimensions of the 6mm Wall Mounting Bracket for 6mm glass shelves are:

The edge facing the wall is 45mm deep; the bracket top lip protrudes 15mm from the wall; and the bottom ledge protrudes 30mm from the wall.

When you buy Cliff Hanger Floating Timber Shelves they are supplied with brackets and standard wood screws. There is no need to buy brackets separately.

If you are planning to attach the shelves to Gib board or similar dry wall, we recommend you use Drywall Anchors where there is no stud behind the Gib board for the screw to attach. Our metal Drywall Anchors can be added to your order, 1 anchor for every 250mm of shelf length.

When determining how much load a shelf will hold. there are many factors to consider. The most important is how many studs the bracket is attached to. Also significant is how many screws are used to attach it, and the kind of screws that are used.
In New Zealand buildings are usually made with 100mm x 50mm wood frame construction, with the studs 600mm apart, but they can be closer together.
We recommend the bracket be attached to at least 2 studs with each stud receiving 1 x 40mm wood screw. Based on this, a 200mm deep shelf spanning 2 studs will have a capacity of 100kg.
The thickness of the shelf does not change the load capacity but may impact the flexing of the timber. Thicker timber flexes less. In general, 16mm thick MDF board is sufficient for most applications.
The shelf length does make a difference. If the bracket can be attached to 3 studs, the load can be spread over the entire length of the shelf, thus increasing the load bearing capacity.
The depth of the shelf is important too. The further out from the wall, the greater the moment of force. This can be an issue if a heavy load is placed at the outer edge of a shelf with a depth greater than 400mm. However, it is not significant if the weight is spread evenly across the shelf
The maximum load for shelves fixed to drywall only (Gib Board), concrete, galvanized steel studs, brick will vary depending on the substrate.
Cliff Hanger brackets fixed only to drywall with dry wall anchors and not to any studs will not be capable of bearing the as much load as 100kg. The drywall is not rigid enough and will tend to flex causing the shelf to sag. Having said that, fixing Cliff Hanger brackets fixed to drywall only is quite satisfactory for light loads.

About Cliff Hanger Timber Shelves

Cliff Hanger floating shelves provide the widest range of floating shelves available in New Zealand. The wall mount brackets and shelves are made in New Zealand and come in different colour finishes and to the size you want. When you buy timber or glass shelves from Cliff Hanger, the wall brackets and fixings are included with the floating shelves.

Our most common timber shelf thickness is 16mm, although we also sell 30mm and 32mm options. The finish is semi-gloss MDF board. These shelves have a premium finish and of much higher quality than commonly available at chain hardware stores. The timber panels are edged with 2mm durable PVC edging which won’t come off, unlike some to the thinner edging commonly provided with cheap panels.

Similarly, Cliff Hanger floating shelves uses superior melamine finished MDF board which is strong, durable and made in New Zealand, unlike lower quality imported panels. You can trust the highly durable, low maintenance and easy to clean finish.

Cliff Hanger Wall Mount Brackets are provided with each timber shelf. These are strong aluminium brackets and can hold up to 100kg load when fitted correctly.

Important factors to consider when determining the load capacity are the depth of the shelf (distance from the wall to shelf edge), the shelf length, and the type of wall the shelf is attached to.

With each shelf we include screws and nylon anchors suitable for fitting to solid brick/cement type walls. If fitted directly into the wooden studs in a hollow cavity type wall, we recommend extra 4mm diameter holes can be drilled into the bracket base to coincide with stud position as required. Our floating shelves can be fitted to hollow cavity walls using our high-quality Dry Wall Anchors. Minimum of one anchor every 250mm are required per shelf.

Weight capacity of up to 100kg of evenly distributed load on each shelf when fitted correctly into good condition solid/brick walls using the correct fixings or if fitted directly into the wooden studs in a hollow cavity type wall.

If fitted to hollow wall sheets (Gib board) only, the weight capacity of the shelves would then be dependent on the strength of the wall sheeting but expect up to 30kg of evenly distributed load when fitted correctly by an experienced shelving installer using the recommended wall fittings.

The very popular white Cliff Hanger floating shelves are ideal for fitting into areas such as corridors, foyers, reception areas, salons etc. where floor space is at a premium. Very simple to fit using the wall mount bracket supplied. The MDF standard finish shelf can be fitted in bathrooms or places with a damp environment, but we don’t recommended fitting inside shower cubicles.

Deeper floating shelves greater than 300mm deep are ideal to support audio equipment or for storage or product display where shelf depth is important. The shelf MDF timber and are 16mm in thickness. Available in white, black or off white.

As well as the standard Melamine MDF board, Cliff Hanger offers a range of natural wood and plywood panels rebated to fit our strong brackets.



I can vouch for these shelves – they’re great! My (small) company ( has installed hundreds of them over the years – they’re far better than any of the shelves sourced from abroad.

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