6mm Glass Shelf Installation Instructions

The Cliff hanger 6 mm glass shelf wall mount is suitable for shelves up to 300mm deep for carrying normal domestic or commercial loads.
Plastic end caps are included with each length and if more are needed, they can be purchased separately.

Extra mounting holes may be drilled into the Wall Mount as required.

A. Solid timber fixing

Locate Wall Mount and mark small through a close to center fixing hole. Using an appropriate size wood screw, fix the Wall Mount so that it loosely touches the wall. Level the Wall Mount and mark the remaining fixing holes. Rotate the Wall Mount and drill the remaining pilot holes. Re-level the Wall Mount insert screws and fix securely

B. Plasterboard walls

Locate a wall stud (or nogging) close to the desired location and using an appropriate size woodscrew, fix the Wall Mount through the close to central hole and proceed as in a above to level and fix the Wall Mount very securely.

Where additional studs are present, use wood screws to fix. Where no studs at located appropriate board fixings should be used.

C. Masonry or block walls

Proceed as for A above but drill 6 mm holes and insert masonry plugs just below flush with the wall surface and fix very securely with appropriate size wood screws.

D. Inserting shelf into Wall Mount

Inserted the rubber gasket into the channel in the underside of the top lip (making sure the wider section of the gasket is to the front and flush with the leading edge of the top lip) and fix the End Caps . Lubricate with a dishwashing liquid or similar the back edge of the shelf and ease it at approximately 45 degrees under the gasket, (checking that the ends are satisfactory are lined up) , until the shelf is fully located in the back of the bracket. In the case of shelves longer than 1800mm, two people hanging the shelf will make the task easier due to the flexibility of the glass.

E. Performance and loadings

Generally, the factors limiting load bearing are the strength of the glass and the security of the wall fixings. As a Cliffhanger wall mount supports shelf along the entire back edge, load bearing capacity is well in excess of most applications. As a general guide, a 500mm x 200mm glass shelf fixed to a solid wall can support a maximum evenly distributed load of up to 4 kilograms. Load should not overhang the front of the shelf.

Cliff Hanger Shelving Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by installation and use of this product.

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