Dry Wall Anchors

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Cliff Hanger Dry Wall Anchors

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Cliff Hanger Bracket Dry Wall Anchors are recommended for hollow wall fixing when fitting Cliff Hanger Wall Mount brackets to Gib Board (drywall) walls.

Use 4-5 anchors per floating shelf

This anchor has a 4mm diameter bolt and must be crimped behind the wall before it is used to support a load. This is done by tightening the screw provided with the wall anchor to spread the locking arms on the inside of the Gib Board sheet.

Drill a 7-8 mm diameter hole into the Gib Board, remove the screw from the anchor body, and tap the fixing in with a hammer.  It is important to have a good secure and tight fit so the anchor does not rotate when tightening the screw. Insert the screw and tighten using a hand-held screwdriver to crimp the anchor behind the Gib Board.

After the anchor is fully tightened, the screw is removed and the shelf bracket can then be attached and the screwed in place using the removed screws.

Please be aware, the load capacity of the shelf or bracket is dependent on the strength of the drywall sheet.

By using multiple fixings, the load capacity can be increased.


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