Maximum weight capacity

Please note as with all floating shelves the maximum weight capacity is only achieved when fitting into good condition solid brick type walls or into the wooden studs in a hollow cavity type wall. (if the stud positioning lines up with where the shelf is to be fitted on the wall). Extra fixing holes can be drilled in the bracket base to match with the stud positions. (highly recommended).Our floating shelves should only be fitted to hollow cavity Gib board walls using our high quality hollow wall anchors available here.

A minimum of 4 are required per shelf and at least 1 wall anchor every 250mm if the shelf is longer than 750mm , the weight capacity can be up to 50kg of evenly spread load when fitted correctly by an experienced shelving installer hollow wall anchors. We do not recommend nylon or plastic type hollow wall anchors for fitting floating shelf brackets to Gib board sheets.

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