Pixalux LED Panel




Pixalux LED Panel

A specifiers dream product that enables the use of light to be integrated as part of the structural design – thus eliminating the need for separate lighting. E.g. The panel is the shelf and the light all in one with a CliffHanger bracket to carry the weight.

Use it to build with

Totally frameless
Easy to use

Double Sided
Light projects in both directions

No show through
Beautiful opal finish

Load bearing
Can be used as shelves

Even spread of light
All you see is a panel light

No shadows
Shows off products to their best

Extremely bright
Will light up a room

Graphics can be applied
Add your logo or sales message

Colour temperature control or RGB
Create a customised atmosphere

What is a Pixalux LED Panel?


Pixalux is a high-brightness illuminated panel, 16mm thick. Acrylic sheets are bonded together in a unique way and combined with the latest LEDs.

Diffusers are integrated into the panels without the need for any frames. The concealed LEDs are applied to the edge of the panels in a unique way, providing an even spread of light across the surface of the light panel.

Pixalux Panel 

Being only 16mm thick, the panels have a light-weight appearance but in fact are incredible strong. This strength enables them to be used as shelves or to replace structural wood panels within furniture, for example.

High quality optical grade acrylic is used which has great light distributing properties together with very tight tolerances with regard to thickness.

Pixalux can be supplied with a choice of standard white, warm white/cool white adjustable or RGB, which provides a myriad of colours.  If you are fitting out a shop or commercial operation let us know and we can quote you on what is needed.

  • Each Panel is supplied as ordered with mounting ClifHANGER Bracket.   24Volt  Power supply will be required. order from here
  • Product is EX factory Australia and will take approx 6 weeks from order. Frieght will be charged as an extra due to dimensions

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