Floating Pantry Shelves




  • Timber Shelf holding up to 100 KG with LED highlights

    Pantry Timber shelving with LED Lights

    • Very effective at highlighting areas at the same time as holding a lot of weight on the shelf.
    • Great for in kitchens or pantries.
    • Can be installed in kitchens under cabinets or on the floor to show you the way at night
    • Above a work-station highlighting your working area
    • Holds up to 100 KG
    • Shelves come in different sizes and colors
    • If you want shelves to go around corners you will need to have the bracket cut at a 45 deg angel on the end you mount on the corner.
    • Shelf can be mounted with LED pointing up or down.
    • LED can be any size up to 1.0 meter long
    • Led is a 18 W high brightness rigid LED strip 1.0 meter max length in set in a shelf
    • Also available – Power units and PIR sensors that turn the lights on when you enter the range
    • We also have a In Line switch to control the LED

    If the size or type is not available, please fill in the quotation form and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible.

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