Book Shelf

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  • A strong shelf that will stop Books falling off the shelf

    The Floating shelf suitable to hold Books and precious treasures
    • A Shelf with Book Ends to stop your Books falling off the shelf
    • Strong enough to hold up to 100 KG
    • No unsightly wall supports to screw to the wall with different brackets for various sizes of shelves – just one unique support AND easy fixing!
    • Very Robust and strong
    • 16 mm MDF Timber
    • Supplied with brackets and shelf ready to be installed

    Different colours are available

      • Black
      • White
      • Off – White

    We deliver anywhere in the world.

  • Due to dimensions this product will be supplied in kitset form. All necessary parts are supplied. Just requires a scewdriver to install.
  • To convert MM to Inches for USA or UK customers.  check here 


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