Floating Timber Product range

Floating timber shelves let you embellish your room with stylish shelving to display or store your personal effects, books, memorabilia or almost anything you want to display. If you’re looking for a creative design, look no further – we’ve chosen the best floating shelves for you.

Without floating shelves, your wall only stays plain and ordinary. Furthermore, chances are you have lots of things around your room that hinder your movement because you don’t have somewhere to place them out of the way.

Besides making your room look attractive, floating shelf walls can also help you organize various things. That makes it easier for you to find important objects or tools when you need them.
The ultimate timber shelving. Perfect for any room in the home, office or garage. Great colour range. Simple, stylish and strong design holding up to 100kg and if using a two-sided corner bracket, 150kg Manufactured to your specific dimensions

Check out our great range of Floating Timber Shelves and combinations.